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“A mural is a reflection of a community and painted with the purpose of having a conversation with the people who will see it everyday. Mural projects give communities a voice and mode of public expression so that others can hear it. They are a non-verbal form of communication and can be accessible to non-literate and non-English speakers.” — Urban Brushfire Director

Just as a forest brushfire forges a path for new growth, Urban Brushfire transforms spaces in the spirit of healing and renewal through the arts. Urban Brushfire creates indoor and outdoor murals through group collaboration and participant driven design. We provide a powerful inclusive experience for individuals, communities and organizations through a series of engaging mural design and painting workshops. Participants develop a sense of ownership as their ideas and experiences are nurtured and mature into a powerful beautiful mural. The goal of Urban Brushfire is to promote education, self-empowerment, and community expression. Urban Brushfire murals are envisioned and realized by and for the people who will be viewing them every day. We aim to ignite social movement and expression through sparks of color and energy.